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A small coin dish, 4" D. Cypress wood, with natural rim.
birch bowl
A thin pot, made from a "found" birch log. About 3" dia. A classic southwestern shape. Dark decoration is burned by holding a piece of steel picture wire against it as it rotates at high speed on the lathe.
Two examples of bowls made from exterior plywood. Each is about 5" d. by 2-1/2" high. I like the contrast between the layers of wood and the black glue used to laminate the plies.
plywood 2
pin oak 1
Two views of a 3-1/2" d x 4"h bowl made from a knotty piece of pin oak. This piece was found in some campfire wood, and is a good example of "finding the shape that lives in the wood".
pin oak 2
well aged cherry
I think this is one of my best so far. It is made from well aged cherry, given to me by an old friend, now deceased. Fortunately, he was able to see it before he left us.

The bowl is about 9-1/2" wide, with an undercut rim. The dark spot is a natural knot. The camera flash made the difference in color, the first picture is truer in shade.
covered bowl
Footed, covered bowl of walnut with oak knob. About 4-1/2" d. x 2-3/4" h.
Lazy Susan
A 12" d. Lazy Susan, made from recycled lumber. I used oak, spalted maple, and cherry, all from the same decrepit pallet found at a local industry, which puts them out for the taking. It is very handy on our dining table.

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