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ball point pens and pencils
Some ball point pens and pencils. I have made many, but have given most of them away. These are various woods,and the one on the right is deer antler.
A Goodwill Store brass candlestick gave me the basis for this 6" high zebrawood shape.
Band sawn boxes
Band sawn boxes, made from single pieces of wood. The eyeglasses and tie pin give you the scale.
weed pot
A weed pot, 9-1/2" high, made from pin oak.
bases for votive candles
A pair of bases for votive candles. They are cherry, 4" d.
Bowl and weed pot
5-1/2" d, 4" h cherry bowl. The weed pot is rhododendron.
band sawn boxes
Two more band sawn boxes. The spalted maple one is 3-1/2' wide, 3" high. Spalted refers to a type of wood fungus which infested the wood, leading to interesting dark and light patterns.
Honey Dipper
Made this Honey Dipper at a friend's request. It is zebra wood, about 6" long, has a cherry dowel for a shaft. I plan to make more, maybe for sale or gifts.
Cocobolo cup
One of my favorites. A 2-3/4" d cup from a piece of cocobolo ( a type of rosewood) which happened to have a little sapwood included.
shallow bowl of spalted maple
An 8-1/2" shallow bowl of spalted maple, complete with worm holes! Wood was from a cut-down silver maple, hollow on the inside, with lots of exotic looking colors.

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