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This is a “vanity” page, giving links to songs that we have recorded in various places.

Playing on the Porch
This section is a CD of songs that David (son) recorded at his studio, dbwProductions. (See the Links section to visit his site). Check out the link below to hear the complete songs. Lois and Ron duet on several, Dave supplies backup vocal and ALL instrumentals.

The songs include:  “This Land is Your Land”  “Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies” “A Daisy a Day” The Rose” “Beautiful Dreamer” “Puff, The Magic Dragon” “Danny Boy” “Marvelous Toy” “For The Beauty of theEarth” “The Unicorn Song”

Miscellaneous Songs by Ron (various venues)

The Water is Wide —
Medina Chorus
Come Ye Disconsolate
dbw Productions
Cherry Tree Carol
All the Things You Are —
Medina Chorus
Strangest Dream —
(Lois and Ron) Church
I Wonder as I Wander —
I Hear You Calling Me
dbw Productions
Largo (Handel)
The Holy City
Lord God Almighty
Church — music is Panis
Angelicus , Franck

Concert Recordings

Sonnenberg Station
a capella Men's Group

May 7, 2017
March 22, 2015
November 2014
Concert March 2014
November 2013

Cantate Singers

November 2017, Sonnenberg Mennonite Church, Dalton
November 2016, First Presbyterian Church, Wooster
Spring 2016, Trinity UCC, Wadsworth
Video taken by the church
April 2014, Christ United Church of Christ, Wooster
November 2014, Saint Mary Church, Wooster

Wadsworth Community Choir

Spring Concert ; –  May 7, 2017
Christmas Concert with Community Band; –  Dec 4, 2016
Spring Concert ; –  May 3, 2015