old pictures

Our wedding Party - June 18, 1960 Cake! Cake! Steven?
About 1962. Harriet and Harold Davis (Grandma and Pop-Pop) with David The early 80's
Ron, about a year old
Steven David Chris in First Grade Sometime in the 70's
Lois 1968 Lois 1968 (Ron's favorite photo) Lois and Chris
Mom and Dad Chamberlin - Wedding picture easter eggs with Grandpa Dad Chamberlin
Thanksgiving at Grandpa Davis's. Davd asks for turkey! David and the cat! Grandma Crotsley Grandpap n ad Grandma Crotsley
Grandma Crotsley 1976 Paul Crotsley Hazel, Althea, Linnie, Helen  -- The Crotsley girls
Summer girl
Grandma Crotsley
Ron and Tippy
Cousin Susan David and Steven