The shop is built in a single car garage, which has some extra room at the sides and at the back. Some of the tools are built into the sides, others are on wheels so that they can be pulled out for use. When all are pushed back to their rest positions, the car can be parked in the garage. There is room to exit the driver's seat, but not the passenger side. The shop is wired with 110 volts on three 20 amp wall circuits, and a separate circuit for overhead lighting. It is heated with an overhead Reznor gas furnace. Major tools are: a Craftsman variable speed, 6 inch grinder; a Delta benchtop drill press; Craftsman disc/belt sander and Delta 12" planar, mounted on a revolving top table; Jet 1442 variable speed wood lathe; AMC jigsaw; Delta miter saw; PSI dust collector, mounted on wheels to be moved where needed; Craftsman "combination" table saw, their new design cabinet saw with the cast iron top and extensions; AMC 14" band saw. Work bench and hand tool cabinet are shop built. The wood lathe is positioned along the wall and the cabinet is built around it. The weight of the bottom shelf rests on the lathe, giving stability, and the top shelf is fastened to the wall, also adding stability

layout sketch
grinder station lathe
miter saw
bandsaw work bench
hand tool cabinet overview