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Sonnenberg Station Concert

November 6, 20133

Crown Hill Mennonite Church, Rittman, OH

Directed by Tim Shue, Accompanied by Tim Yoder

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link hereSing dem HerrnMichael Praetorius 1571 - 1621
link here Zion’ wallsAaron Copeland
link here We are not alonePepper Choplin
 Soloist: Toby Hazlett 
link here Oh love, that will not let me goarr. David Phelps
link hereCome, ye disconsolateTerre Johnson
link hereHard timesStephen Foster; arr. Donald Moore
link hereWreck of the Edmund FitzgeraldGordon Lightfoot; arr. Tim Shue
 Soloist: Daniel Raber 
 Guitar: Nate Gundy 
 Bass: Toby Hazlett 
link here Sunshine in my soulJohn Sweney; arr. John Coate
link here If I got my ticketarr. Robert Shaw
 Soloist: Tim Yoder 
link hereHark I hear the harps eternalarr. Alice Parker
link here Loch Lomondarr.Jonathan Quick
 Soloist: Ellis Miller 
link here500 milesCharlie & Craig Reid; arr. Tim Shue
link here Chickens in the gardenarr. Stephen Hatfield
link hereI bid you goodnightarr. Tim shue