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Sonnenberg Station Concert

November 15, 2014

Unitarian Universalist Church,  Kent,  OH

Directed by Tim Shue, Accompanied by Tim Yoder

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link hereVeni Creator Spiritus4th Century Plainsong
link here Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternalarr. Alice Parker
link here I’m Gonna Sing ’til the Spirit Moves in my HeartMoses Hogan
link here Ave MariaFranz Biebl
link here Precious Lord, Take My HandThomas A. Dorsey, arr. Lloyd Kauffman
link hereI Dreamed of RainJan Garrett, arr. Larry Nickel
link hereIt Is Well with My Soularr. Stacey Gibbs
link hereIf I Got My Ticketarr. Robert Shaw
link here Jesus Has Done So Much For Mearr. Tom Booth and Joyce Bailey
link here Ching–a Ring–a ChawAaron Copeland
link here Old ManNeil Young -- arr. Tim Shue
link here Hey NonnaSteven Leek
link hereCanned GoodsGreg Brown arr. Tim Shue
link here Whistle, Maggie, Whistle Arr, David Stocker
link here The Peace of the Earth be with YouGuatemalan Folk Song
Guitar - Nate Gundy, Ocarina - Bill Seymour
link here We are not alonePepper Choplin
 Soloist: Toby Hazlett