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Sonnenberg Station Concert

March 22, 2015

Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
Doyestown, OH

Directed by Tim Shue, Accompanied by Tim Yoder

link hereThere’s a meetin’ here tonightarr. Ron Smail
link here Grosser Gott, wir loben Dichfrom Katholiches Gesangbuck; 1774
link here Jeffersonfrom Southern Harmony; 1835
link here Salvation is CreatedPavel Tschesnokoff
link here O Burning MountainNeil Ginsberg
link hereLast Words of DavidRandall Thompson
link hereI dreamed of rainJan Garrett; arr. Larry Nickel
link hereAs I went down to the river to prayTraditional
link here Northwest passageStan Rogers
Tim Shue, soloist
link here My God called me this morningarr. by The Fairfield Four
Travis Pauli, soloist
link here BlackbirdLennon/McCartney; arr. Jennings
link here It takes a villageJoan Smyzo
Craig Strasbaugh, soloist
link hereBaba Yetu Christopher Tin; arr. Derek Machan
Chris Chamberlin, soloist
link here Lion sleeps tonightarr; Tim Shue
link here Soon ah will be doneWilliam Dawsonn
link here Encore : Lion sleeps tonight
Audience participation
arr; Tim Shue