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Gallery of Woodworking Projects

Older work. This is several pages of projects completed over the last 15 years or so. Mostly woodturning, but also some other projects.

Photos of some of the bowls completed more recently. I have made many more, in use in our home, or given or sold to friends. Some are available for purchase with prices marked. If interested, please email me.
Ball point pens. Two types available; Slimline, which take a Cross refill, and Cigar pens, a bit larger and heavier, which take a Parker style refill. Slimline pens are $25, cigar pens are $30. Please email me if interested. In the listing, TiN is Titanium Nitride, gold in color but much more durable.
Procedure for pen finishing using cyanoacrylate glue and boiled linseed oil (CA—BLO)